Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sorted List to height-balanced binary search tree.

There is elegant algorithm to convert a Sorted List to height-balanced binary search tree in leetcode. It is asked in stackoverflow and various other websites.  This algorithm is elegant. Here I give a proof that it is correct.

public TreeNode sortedListToBST(int start, int end) {
  if (start > end)
   return null;
  // mid
  int mid = (start + end) / 2;
//first recursion 
 TreeNode left = sortedListToBST(start, mid - 1); 
//constant 1. There is one advance for each node inserted into tree. 
 TreeNode root = new TreeNode(h.val);
  h =; 
//second recursion 
 TreeNode right = sortedListToBST(mid + 1, end);
  root.left = left;
  root.right = right;
  return root;
Here we want to prove 
 sortedListToBST(start, end) will consume exactly end-start+1 nodes. 
If this is true, we can be certain that 1) sortedListToBST does not consume more nodes 
than expected.  2) the h is positioned for next sortedListToBST call.
 Give i=end-start, we need to prove f(i)=i+1
first, it is observed that 
So the statement is true for i when i<=4.
When i is even and i>=5.
First recursion is equal to f(mid-1-start)=f(i/2-1-0)=f(i/2-1);
Second recursion=f(end-(mid+1))=f(i-(i/2+1))=f(i/2-1).
So f(i)=f(i/2-1)+f(i/2-1)+1. Given that f(i/2)=i/2+1. We can conclude that 
f(i)=(i/2-1+1)+1 +(i/2-1+1)=i+1
So this statement is true when i>4 and i is even.

When i is odd, and i>=5.
f(i)=f((i-1)/2-1)+1+f(i-((i-1)/2+1))=(i-1)/2-1+1 + 1 + (i+1)/2-1+1=i+1.
So this statement is true for i is odd and i>=5.
It is proved! 

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