Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painless JSF Internalization

This is how I usually handle I18N request for a project. In the very beginning, it is definitely a low priority. First, I do not know whether the project can be successful or not. Second, the project may target for customer in one region in the beginning. We have time constraint and need to finish all the important function first.

Sometime late, we need to support i18N. I need to go through every constant string in java code, facelet xhmtl file to find out all of them, and save them in property files. Each Message has an well-assigned message key. If I missed one string at release time, I have postpone that string to next release. That sucks, isn't it?  Once I have finish this, I need to carefully maintain the property file. This process is time-consuming and require some strict discipline.

Moreover, in some dynamic system, the constant string is no known at develop time. property file approach is completely useless in these situations.

This library provides a solution that handle i18N at background. Both developers and end users can participate the i18N process.

Finally, I am tired to translate 'Save' so many times in so any projects.

Here, I introduce a library which play magic at background.  Developer no needs to worry about the i18n issue. It can be handled at any time with ease.

Please view my project http://code.google.com/p/jsfi18n/

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