Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Control JSF tree building process

When I use h:selectOneRadio, I really do not  like its layout. Sometime, I also want to change the layout of summary message and detail message from FacesMessage. But I end up surviving with what is from the library. It is very tough to adding a renderer for these issues.

Here is another similar question:Suppose we have a composite component chain like this A->B->C. We like to use A in our final page. But, we like to customize the layout of C which is not exposed by B and A.  Passing the composite:attribute from leaf composite component to top composite component is not an option. We could end up with so many irrelevant attributes at top component.

Actually, JSTL core tag provides a very good way to control component building. However, using it is discouraged from most JSF developer. The core issue is that JSF does not have good building support.  Here is a solution for this http://code.google.com/p/jsf2utils/wiki/buildContext

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